Almost Heaven Denali 6 Person Indoor Sauna

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The Denali sauna is designed using clear red cedar. This lumber is smooth and flawless, giving off the fresh sweet aroma of cedar every time you step into the sauna room. The wide vertical slat benches are made of soft hemlock fir as a way to accent the darker clear cedar. The Denali has an elegant finished look that is enhanced by a cantilevered roof that overhangs and an LED light to spotlight the sauna, as well as wall-to-wall sturdy floor sections. If you are looking for one of our most luxuriously designed saunas, then look no further than the Denali. The Denali sauna comes with the 9kW stainless steel Virta heater. The Virta heater provides an even and soft heat with high-reaching temperatures. Each unit uses a Xenio digital control pad that can be mounted inside or outside of your sauna for easy access. Use the included deluxe bucket, ladle, and thermometer/hygrometer set to sprinkle water on the hot stones and enjoy the revitalizing steam that cleanses any ailments or worries away.

    1. Tongue-and-groove lumber sections: 1-3/8” finished thickness

    2. Pre-assembled wall and roof sections

    3. Clear western red cedar construction

    4. Extra height interior for added head space

    5. Multi-level benches for height/heat variation

    6. Wall-to-wall floor sections built of 1×2” slatted clear western hemlock lumber

    7. Tempered glass door with long stainless handle on the outside, wooden on the inside

    8. Stainless steel hinges, heater, and fasteners

    9. Deluxe stainless steel bucket, ladle, and thermometer/hygrometer kit

    10. Backlit therapeutic salt backrest with LED lighting, 110V plug-in

    11. 2 full-length benches, multi-level seating

    12. 1 lower “L” bench for added seating

    13. Vertical slat 2×4” benches built of clear western hemlock timbers

    14. Stone accent wall behind heater to radiate heat

    15. Standard 9kW Virta deluxe sauna heater by Harvia, Finland for maximum power and fast heat-up time

    16. Digital heater control; can be mounted on the interior or exterior of sauna

    17. Hand-crafted construction

    18. Indoor usage

    19. Easy assembly for 2 people

    20. Manufactured in the USA

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