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The Hampton is a small hybrid for 2 people. It uses infrared heating panels as one heat source option and a traditional electric heater as the other. Both cannot be used at the same time. The sauna features clear red cedar with stainless steel accents and a full glass front. The Hampton is part of our Hybrid Collection of saunas, functioning either as an infrared or traditional sauna. This 2-person sauna operates using penetrating, low-temperature infrared heat, or at the high temperature of a traditional sauna. The electric heater is built to sprinkle water on the hot rocks to generate substantial steam. The Hampton Hybrid sauna allows you to choose the type of sauna experience you prefer: infrared or traditional.

The Hampton is an indoor sauna that can function as either an infrared or traditional steam sauna. The sauna comfortably seats two people and incorporates a backrest positioned over the rear infrared panels. Additional infrared panels are located on the side walls and on the floor. The unit is coupled with a 4.5kW traditional heater. This heater features a timer delay and boasts a high-temperature, hot-rock sauna experience. The all-glass front wall creates a spacious feel within the sauna and exposes the beauty of the red cedar and impressive design features from outside the sauna. Whether you operate your Hampton sauna on infrared or traditional heat (never both at once), there are several features to enhance your sauna experience. Soft LED lighting accents the interior of the sauna, and it includes a wide variety of color schemes to choose from. The unit incorporates a Bluetooth audio system, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while enjoying your sauna session. Use the digital control panel to adjust the temperature of the infrared heat. The electric heater includes two dials: one to adjust the temperature and the other to start or delay the start time. Both options allow you to customize your sauna experience to maximum and preferred effect.

        1. Clear natural red cedar interior

        2. Clear red cedar exterior with light chestnut stain

        3. 3 rear infrared heating panels: 16”W x 27”H

        4. 2 side infrared heater panels: 19” W x 27”H

        5. 1 floor infrared panel: 39”W x 12”H

        6. 110V, 20-amp plug-in infrared electric requirement

        7. 220V, 30-amp service steam heater electric requirement

        8. Digital interior infrared controller

        9. Contoured red cedar back support

        10. 4.5kW stainless steel heater

        11. Red cedar floor panels

        12. LED multi-color interior lighting

        13. Infrared heat temperature control up to 158°F

        14. 60-minute timer

        15. Bluetooth audio

        16. 2 transducer audio speakers

        17. Exterior stainless-steel door handle – 18”L

        18. Interior hemlock door handle

        19. Full tempered glass windows and door

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