Almost Heaven Radiant 2-3 Person Infrared Sauna

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A Radiant Series Infrared Sauna allows you to relax in the ambiance of dry, long-wave warmth produced by extra-wide carbon fiber heating panels, similar to the warmth produced by the sun. Furthermore, an infrared sauna can be installed in any dry space, including carpeted bedrooms. Beautiful hemlock construction, soft lighting, Bluetooth audio, and a light therapy feature all combine to provide you with this infrared therapy series that’s exceptional in every way.

The Radiant Series Infrared Saunas are available in the United States exclusively through Almost Heaven Saunas. Due to the precise fit of every component, there are no visible external fasteners or buckles to detract from the simple elegance of the sauna. It is operated using a digital interior/exterior control panel that adjusts temperature, timing, lighting, and audio inside the sauna. These saunas are equipped for USB and Bluetooth audio, and they also have a built-in radio. The interior provides plenty of headroom too. The Radiant Series saunas have extra-wide triple-layer carbon fiber heating panels that provide full-body far infrared therapy. These units are easy to assemble, they heat up fast, and they’re low EMF to boot.

    1. Hemlock construction.

    2. Extra interior height

    3. Backlit red cedar accent

    4. Interior light

    5. Stylish design and accents

    6. Triple-layer carbon fiber heating panels

    7. Extra-large heating panels for maximum heat delivery

    8. Full-body surround heating

    9. Fast heat-up time

    10. Digital temperature and timer control

    11. 110V, 20-amp electrical requirement

    12. Multi-color, high-intensity light therapy

    13. Bluetooth audio system

    14. USB plug-in

    15. Electronic interior and exterior controls

    16. Tempered glass door

    17. Stainless steel hinges

    18. Easy assembly by two people

    19. Low EMF

    20. ETL Listed

    21. 1-year components warranty

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      Two people can generally do the assembly in 6 hours or less (See Assembly Manual Here).

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