TheraSauna Classic TSP4237 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

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The only FAR infrared sauna in the world with a patented on-board computer system for constant infrared emission. TheraSauna® uses proprietary, high glass-content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ at the proper watt/density for deep body penetration to induce profuse sweating and thereby detoxifying the human body. Solid ceramic heaters have a 96% radiant efficiency rating. Therasauna is made in the U.S.A. with the patented control system that allows for complete control and the ability to consistently reach the desired far-infrared micron level of 9.4.
  • Patented StableHeat™ technology helps create the most constant and beneficial levels of far infrared
  • TheraSauna® is the only company to use aspen hardwood, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Our saunas utilize high glass content solid ceramic TheraMitters™ that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications to provide the best and most beneficial levels of infrared
  • Easy To Use SoftTouch™ Control
  • TheraSauna® full spectrum saunas meet the electrical requirements to be ETL and CE certified in the US, Canada, and Europe.
  • TheraSauna® full spectrum saunas emit very low levels of EMF, compared to the high levels of EMF produced by saunas using less efficient carbon fiber materials and rod TheraMitters™.


Therasauna Classic TSP4237 2 Person Infrared Sauna features:
    • Dimensions: 42" W x 37" D x 75" H
    • Wood: Non-toxic Aspen Wood
    • Controls: Easy To Use SoftTouch™ Control featuring: Time, Temperature, Light and LED Display
    • Heaters: 6 Solid Ceramic TheraMitters
    • Backrest & Bench: Stain-Free Natural Aspen Finish
    • Door: Smoke Glass Door with TheraSauna® Logo
    • Electrical: Plugs into 120 Volt / 15 Amp Outlet
    • Watts: 1044 watts
    • Exterior & Interior: Stain-Free Natural Aspen Finish
    • Light: Interior Reading Light
    • System: Patented StableHeat System™
    • Meets/Exceeds ETL and CE safety requirements


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